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When it comes to catering, we plan and execute each event with special attention it deserves. Until making it a complete success for you. We bring with us an innate sense of sophistication and care. Our chefs are experts in cooking the keystrokes Italian foods and we are ready to shape the menu in the best possible way.
Whether it’s a family breakfast or a cocktail party with friends, we consider many components to organize your event.
While cooking the Italian foods, we make sure you fulfill your appetite with the best ingredients available. We want to avoid the artificial fillers and bad of health preservatives. After spending years in Italian catering thanks to our highly skilled chefs, we have become the most talented Italian food bakers in the NYC area. No matter what type of party it is, we make sure food arrives fully preserved and presented beautifully to your guests. We are striving to keep our catering business up to date and introducing new techniques over time. We present the most genuine and authentic Italian food to turn even the most casual parties into memorable ones. We preserve the unique culture of backyard style parties in the best possible way. Our guest’s taste and requirements. When we come to the variety of Italian foods, we take pride in delivering great number of authentic Italian foods. Our lunch recipes include many varieties of pizza, different types of pasta, lasagna, mozzarella all as in the Italian tradition, not with international and commercial recipes.
We work in two ways: either you invite us to your favorite location, be it office, your home, we will serve you everywhere and at any time. Or if you don’t have a suitable venue, we are able to offer suitable locations in the NYC city area. Our catering team specialists will work with you. We will help you in staffing, rentals and venue selection as well.

We are always ready to help you with any event, from birthday, wedding, and graduation, to corporate parties and meetings. No matter if you are planning cocktail parties, sit down dinners, intimate dinner, gala in a historic building, or wedding, we’all bring our best expertise to your event. We are committed to turning your event into an unforgettable venture.
If you are planning an upcoming event, contact us, our years of catering expertise to make these events your first choice in the NYC city area. We offer all the best Italian recipes with the best possible services at a low cost. For more details and information, contact us at our given addresses, so we can help you in the best possible way.

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