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Healthy food catering is our mission at because Healty Catering for your Corporate, Friends or Family Event means you want the best for your guests. Call now 917 985 8295 for all yours events needs: lunch catering, dinner catering, breakfast catering, party catering.
Are you planning for an upcoming event and looking for hassle-free vegetarian catering services in the NYC area? No matter if you want to hold the event at your home, office or our specific locations, our trained staff is here to help you throughout the event from planning to execution. Our goal is to make your dining experience rememberable with some of the high quality and authentic vegetarian recipes. Choosing a perfect vegetarian meals menu is somewhat challenging; we’ll work with you on your menu selection to make sure that your dishes are liked by all of the guests.
Our menus are full of the finest vegetarian cuisines and gluten-free non-vegetarian options not only the local but from international cuisine as well. We are offering a whole range of vegetarian recipes including the tastiest foods like vegetarian chili, vegetarian lasagna, and much more. There is something suitable for every guest of yours on our menu. The best part is, you can customize the menu according to your requirements to meet your demands and the budget. Contact us 917 985 8295 for more details. We offer diverse services for casual events to events of immense importance. Our services range from fast cooking to providing all necessary items for the events. No matter, if you are planning a healthy breakfast with super tasty vegetarian recipes at your favorite location, launch at your office or home with your friends and family members or a seated dinner at one of our specific locations, you won’t get disappointed with our catering services with mutually crafted food menu that fulfill all of your appetite needs.

Our breakfast catering includes a diverse range of vegetarian recipes including the Freshly Baked Miniature Bagels, Muffins, Scones, Donuts, Fresh Fruit Salad, and different fresh fruit juices. Our launch includes fresh sliced pickles, Marinara & Parmesan Cheese, and many more. All of these vegetarian recipes are prepared to uphold the best of the standards and finest of the preparation techniques. Be it a small get-together party, business meeting to the large events with hundreds of guest list including a wedding or a fundraiser. Through these high-quality products, genuine and authentic foods, we aim to inspire people to choose a healthier and greener lifestyle through a vegetarian diet. We want people to think critically about their food choices, where companies like us can inspire them to make healthier choices, and where sustainable green foods are accessible to all. Whenever possible, we purchase local and organic produce directly from the farms. We believe eating organic, seasonal, vegetables and foods is not only healthy but is good for the environment as well. If you are planning for any of the upcoming events and are curious about how to make it successful, wait no more. Contact us 917 985 8295, make us your partner from the arrangement of the event till the last minute of holding it successfully without any hassle. Our years of expertise in catering to these events make us your first choice in all of NYC area. Moreover, we offer a wide range of recipes and services at a low cost. For more details, information, and queries contact us at our given addresses, so we can help in the best possible way. Not event too big or too small, count on us even for Dj set, lights, games, locations and promotions events yes Promotions of products, services or opening season parties, we provide all from the concept to the commercial sellers.

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